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I'm One Of You.

You've just spent a month and 1/2 of rent money on getting your headshots. The experience was nerve wracking. You felt awkward, insecure, and began a total spiral of negative inner talk. "I hate getting my photos taken!" you think to yourself, because every headshot you've ever had has been this way.  Besides the fact that the photographer didn't give very understandable  direction, or didn't even give direction at all, they're the pro, right? Clearly they know what they're doing, and you don't. UGH. 

You don't sleep that night - how did this end up so badly? And then the photos arrive in your email. Out of hundreds, you happen to luck in to one or two shots that you could use . You may not be crazy in love with them, but they'll suffice. Besides, you're just not good in front of the camera, right? (*cue to eating carbs and drinking wine*)

I get it. This was me. And sadly, not only is this a true story, but I know it's a true story for most of you out there.

My name is Pamela Bob, and I am an Actor. I have been on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional and TV/Film both on the performer side as well as the creative side. Headshots were always a conundrum, a point of stress to the extreme. I am one of you.

Let me take you back to 2001. After a few years of dipping in the waters of what would be my "job-job" outside of performing,  I began my 2nd career: A Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. This was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I found another passion outside of performing that I truly loved, had a true talent for, and became quite successful. Hence, my business name, WHODOESYOURMAKEUP. (Cute, right?)  www.WhoDoesYourMakeup.com

In 2007, another lucky thing happened to me: I became the Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for Jordan Matter, who was already the best Headshot/Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer in the business. Over the next 14 years (14 YEARS?!?!) I was at virtually every shoot assisting, doing HMU, and learning from the best. I have seen it all. His business went from already successful to off the charts booming over those years, and I was right there by his side.


And here is what I learned: HEADSHOTS ARE EASY.


That's right. I said it.  

Ok, maybe they might not feel easy at first. But they certainly are simple. Meaning, knowing how to talk to the client using SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE direction proved to me over the course of the thousands of headshots I have been a part of, that to get a great headshot does not require deep psychological delving. It does not have to conjure your "essence"... whatever that means. (How would you do that, anyway?) It is as simple as having a conversation with someone. As easy/simple as that. I learned that you don't have to just "luck" into that one shot. Even the most skeptical and fearful of clients walked out with dozens of shots that were stunning, no matter their age, skin tone, their type or their initial ease and ability in front of the camera. 

Of course, a good photographer not only needs to know how to coach the client, but they need to know how to take beautiful, interesting, unique photos with perfect lighting. And have fun while doing it. Ta da. 

Fast forward to today. 

I decided to pick up my camera. 

And guess what? I knew a thing or two. 

And another passion emerged.

Now I am so excited to extend my services to you, with the same guidance and know-how with my years of experience that has taught me what a truly awesome  photo should be. I care deeply about that.

Because remember, I'm one of you. 

*photo by Jordan Matter

What to Expect

I shoot with natural light, which means that the majority of our time will be outside. 

Because of this, I need another person at the shoot to help hold reflectors and deflectors. 

If you are able to bring someone to help, or an additional 2nd person to also get their shots taken, I offer a discounted rate. (See rates below)

I am located in a fantastic area of Astoria, Queens which provides several varied and rich backgrounds right in my backyard!

What About the Weather?

Shoots can happen in all weather, with the exception of a solid rain downpour. Do not be discouraged if it's a gray day-often times that makes for the best lighting! We will be in correspondence before your shoot to make sure the weather will hold up.

If, however, you prefer being inside for the majority of the shoot, there are studio spaces in Long Island City, easily accessible by Subway or Car, that are fantastic for shooting,  This will take a week or two in advance to book a space, at a nominal additional cost. 

Clothes for Headshots--What to Bring

Clothes! Don't stress! The most effective pieces of clothing you can bring are the simplest. Because the environment depicts the mood of the shots (along with your expression), your clothes can be kept to the basics. Here are the never-go-wrong options:

  • Tops with lower necklines (I usually will never go with a turtleneck option!). 
  • Tops that match your exact eye color, or at least compliment your eye color. (If you have bright blue eyes, a purple top will clash with your eye color--and we want to keep the focus on your eyes without competition!)
  • For more professional looks, bring Jackets/Blazers. Men, bring button down shirts.
  • Avoid anything too bulky. It will make you look...well...bulky!
  • Don't worry about shoes unless we are doing full body shots (including feet). This would not happen in a typical head shot session. But if you feel powerful and strong in a different pair of shoes (ladies that can mean heels), by all means, bring them! If it effects how you feel, that will translate in your energy with the camera.
  • Wear pants that are comfortable, but that could also be complimentary for any 3/4 body shots. This can mean a nice fitting pair of jeans.
  • Usually, it's the simplest t-shirts, tank tops, or that last thing you just threw in your bag on your way to the session that usually works the best!

Lifestyle/Comp Cards

These sessions are a little different than a normal headshot session, because in addition to your headshots, we will shoot 2-4 other looks/types that will be used for print work. 

*Please note, Actors--

you can achieve different looks without having to do a comp card during your regular headshot session*

Before booking a comp card session, really know what specific types you are going for. Some examples could be:

  • Detective
  • CEO/High End Professional
  • Upper East Side rich
  • Williamsburg Hipster
  • Urban/Street/Lower economic scale
  • Medic, Doctor, Cop, Fire Fighter, etc.: Bring the actual attire! (i.e. scrubs, lab coat, jackets, helmets).

Please do NOT consider the following types unless you could actively work in these industries or believably portray them:

  • Athlete: Yoga/Running/Boxing/Weights
  • Lingerie/Swimsuit/Body 

Many of these looks might require some accessories, such as purses, jewelry (minimal), different shoes, etc. 

You will be able to change hair and slight makeup changes in accordance to your looks.


That's right! No need to find a HMU artist - WDYphotography is a one-stop shop. Before your shoot, I will do your hair and makeup, and we will get to know each other!

MEN: I do suggest hair and makeup. This is more grooming than makeup-ing. I make sure your skin isn't shiny, even out some possible skin discoloration, and set the hair. Remember, this is makeup to look like you're not wearing any makeup!

Don't want to use me? No problem- You are still welcome to bring someone else. 

*The same rate applies, whether you use my services or not.

You can check out my work here, and link to my Instagram: 



  • Makeup: Please come with a clean face. If you would prefer wearing a simple makeup when you arrive, I can see if I can build upon what you've already done, or if I need to start from scratch. (Please no shimmers or glittery highlights!)
  • Hair: Try to arrive with "audition ready" hair. Certainly it doesn't have to be perfect, and I know that travel time will affect your perfect coif that you left your home with. But I can see what you do, and then build upon that. If you just aren't good with hair, no worries! I will be able to do it no matter how you show up.
  • Hair: Please come with DRY hair! I can do a blow-out look without having to start from scratch.
  • Hair: I recommend after washing your hair (either the night before, or that day--whatever your preference is), to add some mousse before drying, or add a little texturizing spray or texturizing dry shampoo to your dry roots. This will make your hair a lot easier to manage and style!

Menu / Price List

Payment can be made in Cash, Check, Venmo, Pay Pal or Credit Card. *2.5% fee applies to all credit card payment

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